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Which Onewheel is right for you?

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Smiles for miles

Pocket-sized awesome.

  6-8 mile range

  16 mph top speed

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Big adventures

Double the freedom.

12-18 mile range    

19 mph top speed    


GoCycle-S | The Garage OTR

pocket-sized awesome

MSRP $950

Pint Top Speed

16 mph (26 km/h)

Pint Range

6-8 miles (10-13 km)

Pint Charge Time

120 min.

50 min with optional Pint Ultracharger

Digital Shaping

4 Shaping Presets

Pint Tire Profile

Smaller and Rounder

Curves like a dream

Pint Stance

Narrower Stance

and smaller footpads

Pint Battery

NMC Battery

Pint Motor

750W Hypercore Brushless Motor


Pint Sensors

Solid State MEMS 6-DOF

Pint Tire

10.5 X 4.5-6in Onewheel

Pint Max Lean Angle

>30 Degrees

Pint Size

8.75 in X 10.5 in X 27 in (222 mm X 266 mm X 689 mm)

Pint Weight

23 lbs.

GoCycle-GX-&-GXi | The Garage OTR

big adventure

MSRP $1799

XR Top Speed

19 mph (30 km/h)

XR Range

12-18 miles (19-29 km)

XR Charge Time

110 min.

60 min with optional XR Hypercharger

Digital Shaping

6 Shaping Presets + Custom Shaping

XR Tire Profile

Bigger and squarer

High Speeds/Deep Carves

XR Stance

Wider Stance

and bigger footpads

XR Battery

NMC Battery

XR Motor

750W Hypercore Brushless Motor


XR Sensors

Solid State MEMS 6-DOF

XR Tire

11.5 X 6.5-6in Onewheel Vega

XR Max Lean Angle

>30 Degrees

XR Size

9.5 in X 11.5 in X 29.5 in (241 mm X 292 mm X 750 mm)

XR Weight

27 lbs.

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